Toll Management Solution

An Innovative Solution for Streamlining Toll Collection

SANVIOT has revolutionized the way toll collection is done. This system uses radio waves to transfer data between a tag attached to a vehicle and a reader at the toll booth, eliminating the need for manual toll payment. With toll management, drivers no longer have to stop at the toll booth and wait in line to pay the toll. Instead, the toll is automatically deducted from the driver’s account as they pass through the toll plaza.


  • Faster and smoother toll collection, reducing traffic congestion and wait times
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy, reducing the likelihood of errors in toll collection
  • Better security, reducing the risk of fraud and theft
  • Improved customer experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased revenue for toll operators, reducing the cost of manual toll collection

Implementing SANVIOT Toll Management:

To implement SANVIOT Toll management, toll operators need to invest in the necessary technology and infrastructure, including RFID readers, tags, and back-end systems. Drivers need to sign up for the service and have an RFID tag attached to their vehicle. This can be done at the toll booth or at designated registration centers.

Toll management systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of each toll operator. For example, some systems may use a pre-paid account system, while others may use a post-paid system. Some systems may also include additional features, such as real-time monitoring and reporting, to help toll operators better manage their operations.


SANVIOT toll management is an innovative solution that offers numerous benefits for both toll operators and drivers. By reducing wait times and improving efficiency, toll management can help improve the overall experience of using toll roads. With the continued growth of RFID technology, it is likely that more and more toll operators will adopt this system in the coming years.

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