UHF On Metal Hard Tag

UHF Metal Mount / On Metal Tags are specially designed and tuned to meet the business requirements where tag is to be affixed on metal surface. On Metal tags are often encapsulated and come in various form factors. These type of tags are rugged, difficult to damage, easy to weld, mount or attach.

Traditional RFID tags are not suitable to use on metal surfaces because the metal can interfere with the radio waves used to transmit information

On-metal RFID tags typically have a specialized design that allows them to be mounted directly onto metal surfaces without interference. This can be achieved through the use of a special backing material or by incorporating a spacer between the tag and the metal surface. The spacer can be made of materials such as foam or plastic and is used to create a gap between the tag and the metal surface, allowing the radio waves to travel unimpeded.

They are ideal for assets that are subject to severe conditions such as vibration, shock, chemical exposure, and fluctuating temperatures.

They offer a prolonged reading range which makes them competent to use in manufacturing, construction, logistics and factories.

We also offer HF hard tags. Please ask our team of experts for the best tag for your business requirement.

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