RFID Flag Tag

The RFID Flag label allows user to enjoy the benefits of a roll-to-roll label, easy to handle with any RFID enabled thermal printer. These labels are simple, reliable, low cost solution which provides great reading rates even when adhered directly to the thickest metal surfaces. RFID tags are facing a challenge when attached to metal surfaces. Metals cause detuning and reflection of the RFID signal, which can result in poor reading range, phantom reads, or no read signal at all.

For that reason our special on-metal tags are designed in a T-Shape which allows overcoming these obstacles and having great reading rates to allow smart, automatic and accurate asset management and inventory tracking. Our unique flag label is designed to work on a variety of surfaces including metal and liquid filled containers.

We can work with you on designing different sizes of flag labels including fitting different inlays according to your read range and space restrictions. Since RFID tag cost is always an issue when evaluating a new project, the flag labels are much more affordable than hard tags and enable low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment.

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