RFID Wristband

RFID has become a technology of our everyday life. With countless possibilities, RFID chips have become irreplaceable. RFID wristbands are currently gaining popularity in fitness studios in many countries. Logistical process, security, payment methods or data collection are just some of the various functionalities of the trendy RFID wristbands.

Those contactless data media are very robust and made for lots of different applications. The wristbands are made of ABS, leather or textiles and are encapsulated with multiple frequency chipsets. An alternative are keyfobs with RFID-technology. 

For both media applies: Because of the passive transfer there is no power supply necessary. RFID-wristbands can be individually printed. These are used in access control, ticketing, theme parks, gyms, canteens, marathons, refueling etc. Now a days, these are also used as keyless entry for your modern cars.

The material used in RFID wristband can vary depending on the use case. Often used materials are silicone, ABS, nylon fiber ribbon, textile and paper.

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